Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Basement Cabinet Update

We got CRAZY and picked up the Ivar cabinets from Ikea the week before Christmas. After measuring and thinking out layout, I wanted four cabinets and a set of drawers.

Then, Dave was a total rock star and put them together over two days. His fingers were very sore but there wasn't a massive amount of swearing. And I was nearby cleaning out the storage room in case he needed a hand.

They're placed against the wall and laid out how we want them. Now, we're just trying to figure out the best way to mount them to the wall. My theory is we can do it with cleats, similar to kitchen cabinets.

Our contractor is coming back this week to go over finishing touches and get the final inspection by our village. While he's here, we'll be peppering him with questions on how best to install these. Maybe, he'll offer to come back and help us do it. (We'd pay him, of course.)

Once installed, I'll be staining them. I'm really hot on getting green in the basement as it sets off the walls and highlights all the other green stuff down there already (hello, kelly green ping-pong table). I found a stain at Lowes that might be perfect.

More on that to come.

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