Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Things About Me for 2014

Celebrating the new year with 14 Things About Me ... which is kinda becoming a blogging staple post. And they're kinda fun.
  1. I have three sisters and a brother. And we all live in different states. 
  2. I have a Kindle and still love buying books. It's a 50-50 split. If it's a smutty romance or light YA read, Kindle it is! Though, to be honest, there are some books I've bought for the Kindle and decided I wanted the paper copy. eBooks bad for the book industry? Not in my house. 
  3. I'm terribly uncoordinated and sometimes forget which is my left and right hand. 
  4. I have fantasies about being a yoga instructor.
  5. I often create elaborate stories in my head to fall asleep -- and will continue day-dreaming about them, if they're good. 
  6. If I still can't sleep, I image redecorating different rooms in my house. I'm usually asleep before I get to the window treatments. 
  7. Amalie, French Kiss and Ace Venture Pet Detective are my top three all-time favorite movies. 
  8. I read books about self-sustainability and have been devising emergency plans for when "the oil runs out." Such as raising chickens, apple trees and learning to knit socks. 
  9. I'm an introvert and have a hard time making friends. 
  10. I have a very dual personality. For example: I would love to live on lots of land with outbuildings and livestock. But at the same time, I'm very attracted to city life and can see all of us living in Paris or NYC. This duality means I will likely never be satisfied where we live. 
  11. One way to explain this is I'm half Spanish (passionate) and half Norwegian (stoic). 
  12. Despite having moved to outside of Chicago, I subscribe to the NYTimes on Sundays. 
  13. I'm a bargain-hunter and picky shopper. We love shopping. 
  14. I hate raisins. 
Best wishes for a great 2014!

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