Friday, January 3, 2014

Raising Kids in Norway

After reading "Bringing Up Bebe" last year (see my review), I'm becoming fascinated by how moms in other countries raise their kids. The A Cup of Jo blog that I enjoy did a series last summer that asked a bunch of international mothers about their experiences and it's GREAT reading.

I was most interested in "Raising Your Kids in Norway" post because I'm roughly half Norwegian (though, you'd never know to look at me) and I was raised by a mostly-Norwegian mother.
The Kids and I in France

According to this woman's experience, one of the main tenants of Norwegian parenting is toughing it out. Families are self-contained units and don't ask for help outside the family. (Sound familiar, siblings?!) If you're in a public place and your kid freaks out, you're on your own. Interestingly, the post about raising kids in Northern Ireland is exactly opposite. It takes a village there.

Also, everyone works. Everyone. Women don't feel they're contributing if they don't work. Because of this, most kids attend day care and the cost is subsidized by the government. However, the normal work day ends at 3:45, so everyone gets to eat dinner together. Can you imagine?!

But what is the deal with hot dogs?! That part was just strange.

Anyway, I've always longed to raise my kiddos in another country, especially after I got a taste for it in Germany for two months. Maybe there's another European adventure in our fates. It's a new year, after all!

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