Friday, January 31, 2014

Cookbooks in Current Rotation

I don't know about you, but I go through cookbook phases, in which I have a little love affair with a book's recipes and author. And I love buying cookbooks, so I have quite a collection. Here are the cookbooks in current rotation:

The Homemade Pantry is my go-to for all the from-scratch cooking I've been doing lately; from my foray into yogurt making to the fresh lasagna noodles I made for Christmas and last night's pizza dough. Alana's writes super-simple directions that are easy to follow -- you can tell she makes these often, and is not just perfecting them in a test kitchen and moving on. Plus, she includes little memoirs of the recipe origins or her experiences with them. I'm planning on trying the homemade ketchup and mayo someday, and Dave has been begging me to make the pastries (homemade "PopTarts") that are on the cover. Seriously, it's the best. Get a copy.

It's All Good is Gwynnie's new cookbook that is all healthy meals. Yes, there's a few crazy ingredients (who eats cornichons outside of France?) but the majority sound simple and delicious: such as roasted garbanzo beans, a French white bean dish and turkey chili. It's new, so I'm loving it.

I have a stockpile of little Everyday Food magazine that I was finally able to thin out, thanks to this collection of Light recipes. And because I'm watching my calories, this book has been invaluable for simple, yummy meals. But the BEST thing about this book is it's divided by season! Which is amazing. It's the middle of winter, so I'm lacking in good tomatoes, but avocados are a-plenty, so I'm all about low-cal Tex-Mex. This book has been kicking around for a few years, and I'd made a few things out of it -- but it's in heavy rotation these days thanks to my little diet program. Loving it.

Cookbooks That I Currently Love
What cookbooks are you using?

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