Friday, January 10, 2014

Diet Update - Just a Little One

I promise this wasn't going to become a blog about my diet/weight-loss "journey" (ugh) for the new year, but wanted to give you an update. It's January, everyone is watching their diet and exercising more this month. It's the American way!

The Update: I'm starving and sore. 

The Work-Out Plan
Starving because the first week of this T25 Beach Body plan limits your calories to about 1,000 for the day. THE DAY! For example, my lunch today was two deviled eggs. Two eggs! That's it. Am I missing something here? I get an afternoon snack that I will be hungry for in about 30 minutes. They ask, am I drinking water, yes! Yes! Yes! So much that I'm in the bathroom every hour.

Sigh. I was prepared for some deprivation, but this doesn't seem right.

Anyway, this weekend I can increase the caloric intake by a few hundred, so yippee.

On the workout front, well, that's going better. They're 25 minutes and, yes, they kill you, but it's over quickly. At first, I was doing them in the morning and was seething with murderous rage afterwards because I was tired, hungry and had too much other things to do in the morning.

Not good.

So, the last two days I've been doing them in the evening, while the girls eat their (delicious) dinner and mine was cooking (about 6:30-7pm). It's not like I have a full stomach, even after a meal, so I have plenty of options on when to workout. I like it much better, but my energy tank is completely empty by 9pm. Who says working out gives you endorphins/energy hasn't met me.

Maybe I'll work up to that good post-exercise feeling?

That's the update. I hope you're all doing better on your "eat better, exercise more" resolutions.

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