Monday, January 6, 2014

How I Spent My Winter Break

Here's the cool thing about Winter Break ... it's long -- just over 2 weeks. And this year I took more days off than usual. And the break is front-loaded with Christmas and all my family visiting, so the second week is mostly unstructured.

This is how it goes: The start of winter break is crazy, chaos. I've already spent every weekend the last two months preparing for my visitors and their comfort. We move beds, wash sheets and check-off a slew of house projects. They arrive and it's five days of movement and merriment. Then, they leave.

Usually, I'd view a week off as a great opportunity to get things done. Shopping, home improvements, trips with the girls. But, that's the magic of the second week of Winter Break. I'm done. I have little motivation and nothing specific calls my name. It's too cold to paint a room or refinish furniture. I have a lot of post-company cleaning and laundry to do but once that's complete -- what? Nothing.

So I spent the last weekend of Winter Break here: on my sofa. Reading books, newspapers and watching movies. And keeping tabs on the dog who we're still housebreaking.

My Sofa, My Pillows, My Blankets. Winter Break is Sweet
Now that is great vacation time. And mostly free!

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