Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Newest Yogurt-Maker! ME!

Ever since reading "French Women Don't Get Fat" I've been dying to make my own yogurt. It's a French thing, apparently. And the author makes several good points about WHY you should cook-up your own yogurt; like control over what exactly what goes into it, most-active bacteria and less waste of those little plastic cups.

This Christmas I got not one, but TWO, yogurt makers from my two favorite guys. And I've been waiting for the right time, and yogurt starter, to cook my first batch. And today was the day!

I've been doing research and picked up a few tips; such as treating the pot with some ice to keep the milk from scalding, and use a ice bath to cool the milk instead of waiting for the milk to cool on its own.

On a side note, I also read about people who made yogurt in a warm oven, a crockpot and with a warming pad. That's just super crazy!

Step 1: Heat Milk to 180degrees
Anyway, I used half skim and half 2% milk on one of the tips from the experienced bloggers. I used a powder starter, instead of a store-bought yogurt for the active bacteria.  The whole science experiment took about 30 minutes, tops.

Step 2: Cups and Bowl All Ready
And it got me to thinking, if this all goes well and the final product is delicious, I'm keeping that second yogurt maker. One, I'll use to make plain, skim milk yogurt for myself. And the other, I'll use for Leah's yogurt with a little extra sugar, some fruit -- a little yummier. Well, that's the plan ... at least.

Step 3: Cool Milk to 110degrees

Step 4: 10 Hours in the Chamber
Now, these little beauties are going to sit the fridge overnight and will be ready to eat in the morning. They did smell good! According to the bloggers, if it's too runny, just use it in a smoothie.  

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