Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Considering the Fall -- Ups and Downs

This fall our family is hitting a major milestone. For the first time since Leah arrived in our lives, we will not be paying full-day daycare tuition.

Cue the trumpets!

With Alice starting Kindergarten and Leah in third grade, my property taxes will now be funding their education -- instead of handing over a percentage of my paycheck.
So, I'm starting to consider after-school options with the knowledge that: a) Leah's homework load is expected to double. b) Alice is going to be in morning Kindergarten, and should be in the afternoon KEEP program at the day care she's in now -- to give her a little stability. (That's an out-of-pocket expense, but a much smaller one.) And, c) Leah cannot continue in her current after-school program, as they are not supporting her academically. ("There was no time to do homework, Mom.")

This is where I get on my see-saw and start wavering.

With them at school all day -- and lower school bills -- it's the right time for me to cut hours and go part-time or even freelance from home. I'd love to! I have a small network, I might be able to find steady work (though, it's risky). But I'd be able to get the to activities and supervise after-school homework. Be an "almost" stay at home mom. Sounds glamorous.

BUT ... I'm a working Mom. It's all that I know. And finding a babysitter to handle after-school time would be the best of both worlds. We're so done racing to pick up the kids before the center closes. We've been playing that game for 8 years. Greater flexibility, bring it on!

But why contract that out, when it's only 2 or 3 hours a day. At the end of the work day. I could do that and almost work a full day.


You see my conflict.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

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