Thursday, December 8, 2016

Basement Drywall is Up Up Up

Another milestone reached in our basement project ... the drywall is up!

I thought framing was cool, but that was nothing compared to drywall. The spaces are now actual rooms!
The View of the Long Room, Looking Toward the Stairs
Closets in the Bedroom
The bedroom has all these nooks and closets that are now so well-defined. The bathroom ceiling, that we decided to lower, isn't really that low and the area near the shower that was so blank doesn't look wierd at all. And our long runway of a room looks wider and longer than I envisioned when we decided where the walls should go. It's amazing.

Looking Into the Bathroom
The crew is now on the "mudding" part and primer is sure to go on before the weekend. Plus, they're going to start on the finishes. I spotted the shower and bathroom tile head down there, so that's gotta be a good sign.

We might be painting the bedroom this weekend! Onward!!

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