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Away on Vacation

Back to normal programming on Monday ...


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My Latest Podcast Picks

This week I went to my first CrossFit class (a topic for another post) and on my way to the gym I listened to an Armchair Expert podcast that made me laugh so hard I had to cover my mouth so as not to get odd looks from passing strangers. But put me in a fantastic mood to start the class.

I listen to a lot of podcasts in Paris, from self-help to entertainment, and it's a great alternative to listening to music and I discover something new in each episode.

Here's what I'm listening to these days:

The Goop Podcast is kind of amazing. I like how the guests can be a little "alternative" or "controversial" and the interviewer (their CCO Elise, usually) really digs into topics and makes them relevant. During or after I listen to episodes, I find myself doing extra research to come up with my own views or thoughts on the subject. My favorite episode (so far):Is there proof of a spiritual universe? (Which will probably lead to its own post from me soon.)

The A…

Let's All Celebrate Semaine du Climat

This week is Semaine du Climat in France ... or a week devoted to learning more about climate change and sustainable development. You know I'm completely on board with this!

At the girls school, they're going to be encouraging sustainable practices with a daily theme. In case you're willing to play along, here's the schedule, how they described it and my (snarky) notes:

Monday: A day without plastic straws. They'll "promote reusable metal straws as a substitute to plastic." Or, hey guys, don't use any at all?! It's a straw, humans have been drinking just fine without them for centuries.

Tuesday: A day without a plastic bottles. The school will "encourages students and staff to bring a reusable water bottle/flask to school to avoid consuming drinks in plastic bottles." Again, this really should be enforced every day.

Wednesday: A day without packaging. They'll "encourages students to bring their own containers when purchasing their …

So That's a Pass on Keto

You know how I said I was researching this KETO diet and contemplating giving it a try? I bought two books and was reading up on what it was all about, because I'd heard some great things.

Yeah, no. Just no.

Here are a few things I decided ...

1. When you're contemplating a diet that suggests getting a tool to "test your blood" (say what?!!) to make sure you moved from metabolizing glucose to fat -- that's a red flag. Blood tools are a no-go. Also, when there's an adjustment time that includes sleep issues, hair loss and very bad breath -- also a red flag.

Sure, if I lived by myself. Or maybe a house with a bunch of other adults and a chef, like the Biggest Loser or Big Brother or something, than yes. Sure. But, otherwise, no. It's a pass.

2. The other thing I realized is that I'm exercising to create a "habit of exercising." (Remember my five-year goals?) But also to get out into the world and socialize with people. And when I started think…