Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Hate Scatter Rugs

You know what I'm talking about ... those rugs you get and toss on the floor in your bathroom or office or living room. And, if you're like me, you don't get the under-pads so the rugs move constantly (or you DO get the pads and they don't work ... argh!).

And then there was that one time we washed a bathroom rug and it fell apart and broke our washing machine and I'm pretty sure we had to replace it. The rug AND the washing machine.

See, my loathing of these scatter rugs runs deep.

This week I've been spending a bit more time in my kids' bathroom than usual (we had company) and the two scatter rugs in there -- that I found on sale at who-remembers-where? store -- are just a mess. And I'm pretty sure I haven't decently washed them in an embarrassingly long time (because of the unfortunate washing machine incident mentioned above). They don't match (charming!) and I'm pretty sure they are not made for bathrooms. Total fail.

So guess what?! I ordered my FAVORITE solution to the scatter rugs problem. Yes! Flor carpet tiles!

If you've been around my blog for a while you know I LOVE Flor tiles. Honestly, you'd think I was getting paid by the company ...

I've used Flor tiles in my laundry room ...

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 my family room ...
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 my front entry ...
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 and even my master bathroom ...
Ugly Bathroom Update Post
Like I did in the master bathroom, I ordered an inexpensive tiles with a cute stripe and got free shipping because (of course) I get all their promotional emails. I wax rhapsodic about these tiles in the master bathroom post, but in a nutshell: mold-resistant, recycled material, dries quickly, NO SLIP (mostly) underside and easy to configure and fit into spaces.

And the cute stripe is similar to the stripe in this bathroom so, if we ever move, I could probably mix the two patterns for a larger space. BOOM. 

After picture of the girls' bathroom:

Small problem ... the door is hitting the two squares in the back. We popped it off it's hinges and sanded down the bottom (twice!) but I still wasn't able to get the clearance. So ... until I purchase a planner or table saw, this will have to do. It's a huge improvement. 

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