Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend Projects: Hooks and More!

Last weekend, with great weather and a light schedule, gave us the perfect opportunity to get some house projects done.

I'd been thinking about shuffling around the hooks in the house, to maximize organization and some storage issues that crop up during our busy weekday schedules. I just can't stand when we're not using this house to it's fullest potential. 

So, despite all the new holes I put in my walls, think I created some more-usable spaces. 

Sorting Station

This area below the stairs held family photos and a large lamp. In the switch-around from several weeks ago, I decided it would make a good landing place for bags, backpacks and eventually the hats, mittens and scarves. 

Here's this area now, with the addition of hooks and assigned storage. 

After: Decluttered. With Hooks.

The spot over the sofa in the parlor also needed some attention. In the hallway shown above, I had picture ledges that were getting overlooked. No one cared what was on them. So I transferred them to over the sofa.

I'll need to do a bit of refining on the arrangements, but I think it's a big improvement to what was there before: nothing.

New Photos Over the Sofa

Busy weekend!

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