Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 For Leah and Alice

I just reread my last post and it sounded a little too ME ME ME. And I'm a Mom, so that brings on Mom Guilt, which is a monster I may never vanquish. To appease ...

In 2014, Leah will... 
- celebrate her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!
- get closer to a homework "plan"
- get a goal in soccer
- start piano lessons
- read read read!
- learn to ride a two-wheeler

In 2014, Alice will...
- figure out how to go to sleep without the drama
- graduate pre-k!
- start Kindergarten!
- learn to ride a two-wheeler, too
- start soccer in the fall
- be in a recital with her big sister (if I didn't miss the registration cutoff)

and continue to be the all-around, super-great kids they already are!

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