Saturday, August 13, 2016

Alice's Lavender Walls

So I guess I'm pretty persuasive because I talked her into painting the walls lavender. I even got her to agree to take down the shelves! Score for Mom!
Before: The Yellow and Pink Walls Alice Said Looked Like the Sunset
This was Saturday. By Sunday morning, the room looked like this: 
After: The Soothing Lavender 
Here's the long story about the color lavender. I'd been doing research on lavenders for months, picking up chips and looking through Pinterest. I was pretty sure I knew I wanted a very soft color that wasn't too purple or too pink. All the while, I didn't have her approval to paint anything. Little did she know I was planting the seeds of lavender in her little head (eg. "oh, Alice, look at this lavender bedroom in this catalog picture.") Last week she finally said, "hey, I think I want to paint my room." Green light GO! On Saturday we picked up the fabric for the bed canopy (details coming soon) and walked into Home Depot for the paint color. Here's how it went down: we walked to the purples, she and I pointed at a few out. She was still preferring a dark purple. I steered her away. She picked up one of those little color books of lavender bedrooms. There were two pictures. We pointed to the one with the softer walls. Found the chip and got the paint mixed. About 5 minutes. That might be a record. And with a happy ending because the walls are beautiful. The end. 

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