Friday, December 2, 2016

Wall of Restraint is Now WHITE!

Extra! Extra! The green wall is gone!

And The Wall of Restraint will need a new name, as it's now getting all decked out. And I'm OK with it.

To summarize, this wall is near the garage entrance to the house. And it's a very visible wall, as you can see it from several parts of the house. I've been congratulating myself for not stuffing it with art/pictures, etc. since we moved in. It was the wall I was not going to install hooks on and keep it as a calm focal point. Thus, the Wall of Restraint. But, after four years, I got pretty tried of the moss green color and not having anything to rest my eye on when I gaze in this direction. So, I've been slowing changing it. First came the board to divide up the wall (which is 12 feet high) and then paint color -- white to match the neighboring walls.

Ta da!
BEFORE! Green Monster!
AFTER! White and Bright!
I've been home since October, so it's a bit surprising how long its taken me to paint a wall. I love painting walls. Also, this paint project was free! The paint was left over from the living room/hallway project and I had all the supplies in the house. So that's a big win.
And, as it turns out, I'm going to be doing a LOT more painting. Thanks to our need to be warm/cool in our remodeled basement, the budget for HVAC squeezed out the painter's budget. So, I'm now the painter! I'll be A-OK, because I love painting. But order me a few massages -- my back and shoulders will be aching!

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