Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Morning island

I'm on a diet, work full time and have a 2nd grader -- that means my morning is all about food prep.

First, I have to make breakfast for the ladies and a smoothie for myself. Yum!

Then, I have to make a lunch for Leah; she rarely chooses the school's hot lunch. That's some combination of sandwich, yogurt, carrots, cheese and fresh fruit or fruit snacks -- depending on what's available.

Last, there's the two balanced snacks for myself (10am and 3pm) -- yogurt and fruit, tuna and celery, carrots and grapes, turkey slices with avocado. Lunch is usually a salad bar affair.

But, of course, I don't do the tasks in any order ... it's scattershot. I think I'm trying to follow some logic, like I'll do everything that requires the blueberries first, but I lose track. But, it all gets done and put away by the time I walk out the door, so ... it works.

The Island Prep Station - Prepping for Everything!
I know other Moms who do this prep the night before. One Mom I know packs lunches before she makes dinner! I've tried it. And it was unsuccessful. A disaster.

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